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Wooden Worktops – For a Beautiful Kitchen Close to Nature
Wooden worktops are a very good option for your kitchen as they give an attractive look and are cost effective. They are cheap if we compare them to the usual granite and marble worktops and offer the most resilient surface.

Hard wooden worktops are available in a wide range of forms, colours, and grain patterns and therefore go along with various kitchen decors. The options range from dark, rich oak to the much lighter beech or maple, which give an excellent finishing touch. Besides, wood counter-tops add innate warmth and natural feel to your kitchen. The demand for wooden worktop is increasing day by day because of certain practical advantages it provides:

Walnut Worktops

  • Oiled wood makes cleaning easier and is fairly durable.
  • Wooden worktops also have a big plus point of being very hygienic which is essential for a kitchen.
  • The fibres in cut wood release a natural antiseptic that is helpful in killing a number of germs that commonly live on worktops. This reduces the risk of food poisoning and the need to use harsh chemicals to fight bacteria.
  • Wood is a very easy material to work with. It provides a much softer surface than stone worktops and can be cut into any shape necessary for the design of the worktop.
  • Wood is much lighter in weight than stone, which means that there is no need to add extra reinforcements to the cupboards below to stand the weight.
  • Minor repairs are easy on wooden worktops, as a light damage just requires sanding down the piece below the damage and sealing it.

However, special considerations are needed to be kept in mind in case of wooden worktops, as there are certain disadvantages too. They require huge maintenance for keeping them functional for longer time. Moreover, wood is prone to getting moulds, fungus and other damages if they are exposed to water or other liquids for prolonged period. Wooden worktops are more vulnerable than harder surface materials like granite. Rough use can expose wooden worktops to scratches and stains and to avoid this they require oiling once a month with mineral oil.
However, if you want a natural feel to your kitchen and are willing to contribute enough time to the maintenance of your kitchen worktop, wooden worktops are a good option for your kitchen.