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Walnut Worktops – A Fruitful Option for Your Kitchen
Walnut can prove to be an excellent choice for your kitchen worktop as it is durable and also gives an elegant look being rich in colour. It provides vibrant shades and therefore there is no special need to paint them. It will also look beautiful in virtually any setting. Walnut Worktops are usually deep chocolate purple in color, which remains constant throughout the entire board.

There are various categories of walnut worktops, the most common being American Black Walnut that comes from the trunk of black walnut trees usually found on the east coast of America. Other categories include Italian Walnut, French Walnut, Turkish Walnut, English Walnut, and Circassia Walnut. Each category has its own distinctive colour and grain properties. Walnut veneers are a popular choice but this is because of its low cost. However, in its case, you will have to be careful about placing fruits and vegetables on the counter as it can cause stain. Solid walnut worktops are bit expensive but they are generally stronger and more durable.

Certain advantages of walnut worktops are as follows:

Walnut Worktops

  • After reaching a certain age, walnut tends to create a patina, which gives the antiqued wood a stunning look.
  • Walnut worktops are easy to work with as they can hold screws and nails well, and can stick easily with wood glues.
  • It can hold moisture very well and therefore polishing walnut worktops is easy.
  • American Black walnut is considered best because of its strong antiseptic properties and the fact that it is bug resistant.
  • Black walnut radiates warmth and beauty, and you can get a truly defining edge for your kitchen surface, which is just not found with any other surface.

Besides, there are two disadvantages with walnut worktops, the first being that it requires regular maintenance and should not be exposed to extreme cold or hot conditions. The second problem is that Walnut is softwood, so although it is resistant to scratches you need to be cautious about placing things forcefully on the worktop so that no dent is formed.

If you can be little cautious and take care of these little things, walnut worktops can really prove fruitful for your kitchen and can enhance its beauty.