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Tiled Worktops – A Perfect Blend of Affordability and Style

Kitchen worktop is an important aspect of designing a kitchen and proper consideration is to be given to it so that you can get a stylish, comfortable and elegant kitchen. Selecting a worktop for kitchen is also a daunting task, with so many options available in the market. If you want to select kitchen worktop that is not heavy on your pockets but still imparts a stylish look to your kitchen area, then tiled worktops are a perfect option.

Tiled worktops are water and heat resistant and are also impervious to any kind of food spills. The ceramic tiles give a functional and durable kitchen surface adding sophistication to your house. These tiles are available in a myriad range of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. Thus, they provide a great scope to give a creative look to your kitchen. An amateur can tile a worktop but you should keep in mind that the surface is levelled. An appropriate grout and waterproof sealant should be used for high functionality of the worktop. Moreover, the sealant should be applied regularly, in every six month, to maintain the shine and innate properties of the surface.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of tiled worktops are delineated below:

Tiled Worktops

  • Variety of colored tiles or mosaic gives a decorative and charming effect to a kitchen and also ensures light relief from white units and stainless steel.
  •  They are moderately cheap and are also easy to lay.
  •  A tiled worktop is long-lasting.
  • Even if you accidentally break one of the tiles, it can be replaced by the other.
  •  There are so many varieties that you can easily match the kitchen worktop with your kitchen theme and decor.
  •  Attaching a wooden profile edging will give it a magnificent look.


  • It is not completely flat and thus does not work effectively on it’s own as a kneading surface.
  •  If proper grouting is not done, the cracks will accumulate dirt. Regular cleaning is required with a brush in order to avoid staining.
  • Tiles can break off, and therefore, you need to buy extra tiles to replace it
  • Accurate cutting and shaping is required for proper fitting around pipes and sinks.

However if you are ready for proper maintenance and wish your dream house to have an attractive kitchen, you can opt for tiling your worktop. Moreover, these worktops are preferred by those who are high on aesthetics as these provide high degree of customization. Tiled worktops will remain elegant and enduring, if properly maintained.