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Resin Worktops at Affordable Rates
Resin worktops are one of the most cost effective worktops available in market. These are known for unmatched durability, quality, and performance. The worktops are available in glossy, matt and wrinkled finishes.

Resin worktops in unlimited designs are offered with a variety of edge treatments that enhances the beauty and elegance of the workplace. Widely used in medical and biotech labs these are also available with customization options. These bear the toughest work surface that suit laboratory work needs. The surface being non absorbent does not delaminate and easily withstands heat and flame.

Such worktops in various colour options are ideal for influencing your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Resin worktops are one of the popular worktops that bear a good balance of design flexibility, cost and performance. These are resistant to heat, cuts, knocks and emphasises on high living and luxury. Resin worktops are very stylish and modern looking. Perfect for executive kitchens today, these are easy to install, maintain and repair.

Features and usefulness of resin worktops:

  • Durability: Outlasts other worktops owing to its excellent mechanical properties. It cannot de-laminate as it is homogeneous in nature.
  • Decontamination: Hides no bacteria as it is monolithic and non-porous
  • Reagent resistant: Highly resistant to severe chemical attacks, corrosive solvents and laboratory chemicals.
  • Heat resistant: Withstands extreme temperatures in laboratory works where heaters and electrical oven are used
  • Moisture resistant: Resists warping after installation and does not absorb air moisture or liquids

The resin worktops are widely used for refurbishing kitchens with an attractive look. These include two varieties namely- phenolic resin worktop and epoxy resin worktop. Such resin worktops are relatively expensive with limited colour choice. The phenolic resin worktop bears low coating thickness. Despite such disadvantages, these perfectly gel with different design scheme and theme of the kitchens and helps in preparation of food besides accommodating small kitchen appliances. Such worktops also serve as breakfast bar and are offered in virtually any size and shape. While choosing worktops it is essential to take account of the cost, appearance, durability and flexibility of worktops. You should opt for the best and appropriate worktop that is easy to maintain and offers great value for money.