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Important Facts about Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops are a good consideration for your kitchen as they give an impressive look and also have the necessary factors that are required for a good kitchen worktop. When you are opting for laminate worktops, you get to choose from a myriad range of colours and textures.
Laminates are also available in marble or granite like finishing, closely resembling these stones. Therefore, you can get the expensive look of the granite or marble at the rate of laminates, which are arguably the most non-expensive material. You can also choose from textures with a rough finish. The mix and match of textures and patterns can help you create a unique and stylish kitchen decor, but still being easy on your pocket.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops’ increasing popularity is due to the various advantages they offer, some of which are as follows:

  • They are available in every colour imaginable and give a stylish look. You can also match up the worktop’s colour to the pattern and colour of your kitchen cabinets and the entire kitchen theme.
  • Laminate worktops can be easily cleaned and wiped. They are stain resistant and do not allow grease to settle on the surface.
  • Installation of laminate worktops is easy. Its hardy nature allows it to be adjusted a few times before set into place.
  • It does not crack or break easily during installation which happens in the case of some other worktops.
  • These worktops are comparatively cheap in their rates.

Make sure that you compare prices and shop around before making a final decision. These worktops can be found in hardware stores, kitchen and bathroom renovation outlets even online. Despite the low rates of laminate worktops, many people still try not to use laminates as it has certain disadvantages, which are as follows:

  • The laminate worktops that are cheap are often joined at the corners with those horrible metal   strips, which make it difficult to clean.
  • It is nearly impossible to get neatly curved ends with standard post-formed laminates until and unless the curve is quite thin.
  • Being vulnerable at the joints and bottom edges, they cause water to get in and results in swelling in the chipboard core.
  • Putting hot pans on the surface directly from the oven may cause damage to the surface, which is difficult to repair.

It is recommended that if you are not too tight on budget, then you should not take laminate worktops, as these needs complete replacement after some time. It is not possible to repair the worktops. However, if you have a tight budget, then there cannot be a better option than laminate worktops, but you should be very cautious while selecting the material. You just need to be a bit careful in the maintenance and shopping of laminate worktops and then you can get a beautiful and functional kitchen countertop.