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Benefits of Installing Granite Worktops in Your Kitchen
The Kitchen area is the most rigorously used area of the house and needs special attention. As it is used frequently and serves a necessity, we should install a worktop that can tolerate maximum abuses that it faces due to extreme heat, greasy surface, cutting and chopping on the surface and others. Apart from that, the worktop should also impart a stunning look to your kitchen, while blending perfectly with the décor. Homeowners, who understand this, invest in granite worktops considering it the best to solve their kitchen problems and to give an enticing look to it.
It is always a wise decision to install granite worktops while designing or renovating your kitchen as it serves many purposes. Certain advantages of granite worktops are:

  • Available in a wide range of patterns and appealing colors, they provide long lasting magnificence and gleam. The collection of granite worktops is vast which starts from deep grey with black flecks to midnight black.
  • Apart from imparting beauty to your kitchen, granite stone gives a touch of luxury to it. Moreover, it remains fresh and new for years, giving an extraordinary shine.
  • Granite worktop is also easy to maintain. Though the regular mopping is enough, any household cleaner can be used to wipe away the dirt on the greasy surface or any kind of stains.
  • Being a natural stone, it is also resistant to any damage that occurs by freezing, thawing, mould and mildew.
  • As these worktops are heat resistant, you need not think twice before putting a hot pan on the surface directly from the stove. In addition, it makes your kitchen work easier as it serves as a chopping and cutting board.

Granite Worktops

Just as every thing has a positive and negative aspect, granite worktops also have certain disadvantages:

  • Granite worktops are expensive when compared to other stone worktops.
  • Being porous to some extent, it needs regular sealing to prevent water damage.
  • Lemon and other acidic products may harm the polish and stain the surface.
  • A topical sealant is to be used to preserve its shine and polish for lifetime.
  • It is difficult to repair if the worktop is damaged.

Even after these disadvantages, there is a rising demand of granite worktops in the market due to their durability and capability to resist scratching and chipping. You need not worry of any kind of damage and can freely work in your kitchen. Moreover, if you are ready to take special care regarding these disadvantages, the benefits provided by granite worktops is worth spending on it.