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Glass Worktops – Add a Class to Your Kitchen
Glass Worktops are good choice for those who wish to give a unique and outstanding look to their kitchen. They are available in a fantastic range of colours and therefore can be easily matched with the décor and theme of your entire kitchen area. Glass Worktops are available in glass up to 25mm thickness for enhanced durability. They are individually designed and painted on the underneath bringing out a mesmerizing look.

Glass also turns out to be the perfect option for bespoke splash backs. Glass Worktops are considered as pieces of art, allowing you to express your own individual style and imagination, at the same time you can express your concern for the planet. As many companies supply worktops that comprise 95% recycled glass bottles that would have gone to landfill sites, so along with enhancing the beauty of your house, it also helps in protection of environment.

Certain advantages of Glass Worktops are as follows:

Glass Worktops

  • Glass worktops are available in unique finishes including urban matt, like concrete, or they can be polished making it as smooth as a marble, quartz or granite, thereby, providing an extremely dazzling look.
  • The antimicrobial agent SteriTouch that is evenly distributed throughout the mix, including the surface, makes the worktops completely hygienic and protected as the active ingredients will never wash or wear out. This antimicrobial agent also prevents the growth of bacteria on the worktop.
  • Glass worktops can be used in any colour imaginable by simply varying the ratio of clear-to-coloured glass. White glass worktops are the most popular of all because of the classy look it provides.

When two or more stunning jewel glass colours are mixed together, each tiny prism reflects its own spectrum of twinkly lights and creates a completely magical effect that will providing an enchanting environment in your kitchen. For more creative glass worktops, recycled ingredients such as glass dust, crushed clam, oyster and seashells, specks of sparkling crushed mirror or smaller or larger glass chips right up to 15cm chunks can be used. You can also get light set into the worktops and get unique designs to bring out the most exotic look.
Apart from the elegant appeal and other advantages provided by glass worktops, there are certain disadvantages as well. The glass worktops can be easily scratched, so do not make for good cutting surfaces. Moreover, glass worktops are heavy and optimum care is required during their installation and maintenance to ensure longer performance.  
Although glass worktops are expensive but the excellent and classy look they provide is worth spending on them and maintaining them.