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Corian Worktops – The Best Option to Enhance the Beauty of Your Kitchen
Using a surfacing material for your kitchen can enhance the beauty of your kitchen and give your house even a classier look. There are many surfacing materials but none is as good and striking as Corian worktops, which are produced by DuPont. Corian worktops are the most popular ones amongst all the solid surface worktops available in the market today.

DuPont have been making corian for about 30 years. This category of worktop is made of alumina trihydrate, natural minerals and acrylic polymer. All these constituents combine to form a surface material that perfectly suits the role of a kitchen worktop. Many attributing factors make Corian worktops so appealing and impressive.

Corian Worktops

The first and foremost factor is that corian worktop is extremely striking and impressive in terms of appearance. The reason behind this is that a Corian installer can fit the worktop without any visible seams. The corian worktops give a sleek and attractive look to your kitchen. The facts that the joints are not visible and these worktops can completely integrate sink units, count for corean’s biggest selling point. Another important factor is that corian worktops are available in wide range of colors and textures. One can choose from 100 different designs and this figure is bound to increase as time passes.

Apart from being elegant, the solid surface of corian material offers enduring results. There are less possibilities of any scratch but even if there are any, you have solutions for it. Minor scratches and grazes can simply be removed by polishing the surface of the cleaning pad and major scratches can be repaired. Corian worktops are non-porous and non-toxic and thus, hygienic. As this surface has no exposed joints and visible edge seals, bacteria will not be able to build up between worktop boards.

Finally, Corian work surfaces go along well with various kitchen layouts and schemes. Because these worktops are sleek and minimalist in style, they are the best for modern kitchen; but also enhance the beauty of traditional settings.

There are certain disadvantages of corian worktops that should be considered before getting one. These worktops are reasonably resistant to scratch, but it might get scratches, so it’s best to avoid chopping on it. Corian worktops can tolerate heat up to certain temperature, and they might turn pale or yellow in case of prolonged exposure to heat. Although, corian worktops are a bit expensive but investing in them is a wise decision as it can win admiration for your house.