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Composite Stone Worktops in Elegant Designs
Composite Stone Worktops works wonders in creating dynamic focal points in any kitchen. Available with sand and mirrored effects these are ideal to be placed on top of the base units that facilitates in food preparation as well as in accommodation of different kitchen appliances. These worktops in various colour options emanate the grace of natural stone.

Selection of the best Composite Stone Worktops helps in renovating kitchen with an elegant look. These are offered at market leading prices and are best in durability, aesthetics, maintenance, functionality etc., and blends with the overall decor of kitchens. Such waterproof worktops are resistant to stain, scratch and easily withstands cutting on. Other attractive features of these worktops include- hygienic, impact resistant and excellent UV resistant.

Composite Stone Worktops

The Composite stones used in such worktops are available in various thickness ranging from 20mm to 60 mm with different edge profiles. The mix of granite or quartz with silica and polyester resin with natural stone, generally crushed marble, makes them really strong. Addition of glass or quartz offers an extra sparkle to them. Such stones are best in utility and sophistication and are widely used in work surfaces, mantelpieces, unit tops, table tops, and vanity units. These non-porous stones are easy to use and maintain. A soft damp cloth helps in simply wiping it to maintain cleanliness. Mild detergent, is enough for cleaning the surfaces and for stains, you can use scouring pads or fine-grade sandpaper. Composite stones guarantee a consistency of background colour.

Why choose Composite Stone Worktops:

  • Available in different finishes to suit every style of kitchen
  • Hard-wearing and scratch resistant
  • Easy to install and bears no templating
  • Renders a stunning look to kitchens
  • Seamless joins keeps it bacteria-free
  • These are tough and efficiently resists heat up to 2400 C

However, Composite Stone worktops are expensive and requires specialist fitting. While deciding on such worktop to add a touch of luxury and grandeur to your kitchen it is wise to focus on the budget as well as the design scheme of the room. Kitchen makeovers can be very expensive and a daunting task but rewardingly increases the overall value of your dream home.