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Beech Worktops- The Most Cost Effective Option

Beech worktops have become a good choice and a more regular site in kitchens across the world. They add extreme warmth and brightness to your kitchen despite the fact that beech has a paler look than all the other woods used in worktops. These worktops are ideal for rural houses, which demand a rustic look. Moreover, the cheap cost of this worktop makes it an alternative for other expensive wood worktops.
Beech worktops are especially popular for modern houses where its cool color may suit certain minimalistic white or magnolia interiors, which would brighten up the environment. If you wish to have a perfect kitchen, this hardwood can be used for the most ideal worktop for your kitchen because of its   durability and versatility, protecting the kitchen surface from any kind of bashing and cutting that the average kitchen are expected to take.

Beech Worktops

Beech Worktops can suit various kitchen decors, as these worktops are available in various color shades ranging from light shades to the darker ones. Steamed beech wood produces a pink or orange effect, whereas the beech wood that is not steamed gives a more blonde or tan look. Other options of shades and natural variations available in beech worktops are purple or red shades.

Though these beech worktops give a very pleasing environment to your kitchen, they have certain disadvantages. Beech is usually furnace dried immediately after cutting down. They promote instability until and unless granted a long period for air-drying. The problem worsens by the kiln drying process. Because of lack of modern drying facilities, the Beech is ‘over forced’ and almost cooked. As it is dry on the outside but wet inside, it serves as an unstable worktop. Moreover, if the glues used are not of a decent standard, the worktop will fell apart.

Beech worktops still remain very popular for adding color and usability to all sorts of culinary environments, be it a rustic environment or a modern one. Moreover, the fact that they are cost effective makes people overlook its disadvantages and opt for it.