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The options available today which gear towards utilizing every ounce of available kitchen cabinet space are numerous. Before jumping into choosing a kitchen cabinet storage solution you should firstly access what your most common needs are. You can make these useful assessments by taking a look at a couple of your shopping lists, you may like to have a couple of bottles of wine tucked away for dining so a wine storage unit would be a perfect option or perhaps your an avid cook who likes to have a collection of oils and spices at the ready, displaying these in a glass cabinet not only complements the cabinets appearance but also acts as a visual reminder of where they are stored.

Wine Storage Rack

Considering storage requirements should not only be focused on consumables, you should also take into account your utensil inventory such cooking utensils and dishes, its best to over compensate your storage needs as we all know more storage space will be needed at some point in the future.

One good tip is that if you have high enough ceilings is to extend your wall cabinets all the way to the top, although you may not be able to reach the top shelf you can store infrequently used items in this space.

Perhaps your in a situation where the dimensions of the kitchen itself are too small to allow you the option of lavishly splashing out on additional base cabinet storage. There are lots of little tricks you can pull off which will in no way do any in justice to the look of your kitchen but will be highly functional as well utilizing that invaluable space. Metal Hooks can be hung from beneath the wall cabinets for cooking utensils such as spatulas and pots. Plate racks can also be hung on the wall to relieve some much needed space in the kitchen cabinets. There are many other clever solutions out there which when applied in the right setting can be viewed as an enhancing decorative addition to the overall kitchen design.