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The time may arrive when your once beloved kitchen cabinets seem to be losing their appeal by the minute, your cabinets now seem tattered and worn and your first instinct is for a complete overhaul to reignite and revamp that appeal which your kitchen cabinets have lost. Although a full renovation will certainly provide that much needed change, this full on approach may not be an option if cost is the determining factor. This is where cabinet refacing comes into play, if your already happy with the layout of your kitchen and don’t want to look at the bill for a full renovation then cabinet refacing is certainly a viable option.

Think about it, a full renovation could take several weeks, you’d be using your bath tub to do the dishes and ordering in take-aways for dinner whereas cabinets refacing can take anywhere from a day or two, is a very DIY type task and will easily wipe away the old drab look of your kitchen cabinets with a new fresh vibrant appeal.

1. Clear out Cabinets, Cabinet Refacing can be quite messy with a lot of sawdust so it’s best to clear out all contents of cabinets and drawers, cabinet refacing is a cost saving measure so we don’t want to be adding to that cost by damaging any valuables.

2. Remove Doors and Drawers, remove all doors and drawers as well as any detachables such as door or drawer handles and door hinges.

3. Sand All Surfaces, sand cabinet faces and doors in preparation for applying a new paint or stain finish. Fill any holes made by handles or hinges with a wood putty, you’ll need to wait a little while to let the wood putty to dry. Ensure all surfaces are compete clean and free of any sawdust before applying the stain or paint finish.

4. Paint or Stain, Once the above steps have been completed, it’s now time to apply the paint or stain finish, see How To Paint Cabinets

5. Refit Cabinet Doors and Drawers, Once the paint or stain has been given sufficient time to dry out, it’s time to add new hinges, door and drawer handles, new handles will really give your kitchen cabinets that much needed change for the better, don’t be frightened to try something completely different, you’d be surprised by how now handles can jazz up the look and appeal of your old kitchen cabinets.