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Kitchen Cabinet Lighting was once perceived as a purely functional addition to the kitchen to provide light in areas used for daily work tasks but as kitchen designs and the whole core role that the kitchen plays in our daily lives are ever changing so too is the role of kitchen cabinet lighting to one which is both functional as well as prominent design feature.

Since the role of the kitchen has taken a turn from being purely functional to a room used as a central gathering point for a variety of home activities, kitchen cabinet lighting must too follow suit and integrate well with these changes in terms aesthetics, optimal visibility and comfort, after all we wouldn’t want bright glary to be constant strain on the eyes.

Kitchen cabinet lighting in general fall into two categories, under cabinet lighting and in cabinet lighting. Under Cabinet lighting also known as task lighting are mounted underneath the wall cabinets to provide light for tasks such as food preparation and cleaning. In cabinet lighting as the name suggests provides light inside cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Only up until a few years ago the most common type of under cabinet light was the puck light, though very useful at the time it was later phased out and replaced by its fluorescent counter part due to high electricity costs. Although puck and fluorescent light systems were once the leading solutions to kitchen cabinet lighting this has changed in recent years with consumers opting for more exotic kitchen countertops such as granite or marble which are highly reflective. This presented a problem whereby lighting manufacturers had to produce lighting which could serve the purpose of being both functional as well as reducing the glare from reflective surfaces.

Some solutions out there which work well as under cabinet lighting are as follows:

  • Simple fluorescent fixtures (more economical)
  • Low voltage linear tracks (can be dimmed for ambiance)
  • Xenon fixtures and halogen fixtures