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Although the kitchen is the room for food preparation and overall hygiene is constant demand you’d be surprised by how much grease and dirt that can accumulate on the surfaces as well as the interior or your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets may of late be looking a bit drab and dull and thoughts of a complete renovation or cabinet reface may be lingering at the back of your mind but before you let these thoughts become too overwhelming take a close look at your kitchen cabinets, perhaps they only require a good cleaning to remove any accumulated grease and dirt to restore their presumed lost gleaming appeal.

If this is the case don’t go jumping in with abrasive cleaners which can often do more harm than good such as doing damage to the finish, mild dishwashing liquid are an excellent choice for removing grease and dirt only from your cabinets.

Clean using a sponge or scrubbing pad with 1 part cleaner and 2 parts water, try to avoid using rough surfaced cloth such as steel wool or scrub brushes as they can bite into the wood. The most awkward areas to clean are in and around the handles or doors and drawers, these areas tend to harbour the most grease and dirt which makes sense since they’re constantly bombarded with sticky oily fingers on a daily bases. It’s best to remove all door and drawers to make this area a lot easier to clean.

Depending on how long you’ve left it since you last cleaned your kitchen cabinets, this task can be quite a struggle but well worth it in the end so to save yourself the burden of going through this again give your kitchen cabinets a regular quick wipe down.