How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

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Installing kitchen cabinets is not necessarily a job which requires a professional it’s a job which can be carried out by yourself, although it does require a little bit of previous DIY experience as well as a few tools to get the job done. Installing kitchen cabinets like any DIY jobs requires a sensible and logical approach to make the job as easy and as stress free as possible.

The general approach would be to install the upper cabinets first which makes a lot of sense since you’d have more leg room without any cabinets in the way down below. If there are old cabinets already installed they will have to obviously be removed first. You should start by removing any easily detachable parts first such as doors and drawers as the weight of kitchen cabinets without these can still be significant.

Some cabinets may be attached to one another as well as the wall so it’s best to remove any screws or nails attaching cabinets together. As your removing upper wall cabinets it best to have a helping hand to hold against the weight of the cabinets as any screws or nails are been removed.