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Stone Flooring works great for kitchens which expect high levels of foot traffic as its tough but also gives the kitchen a very relaxed feel. Since most stone flooring comes in a natural untreated state you should expect some changes in colour and feel from time to time but if this drawback makes you want to change your choice you can always look at some of the porcelain or ceramic options instead.

Some popular choices when it comes to stone flooring are slate, limestone and huge sheets of natural brown sandstone.

Stone Flooring
Maintenance for stone flooring requires a impregnator or sealant such as Lithofin Stain Stop at least once every five years whereas daily maintenance requires a gently wipe with any mild cleaner such as Lithofin Easy Care. Try to avoid using any abrasive acidic cleaners on your stone floor as this will erode the sealant.

Stone Flooring is an expensive investment but once in place should last a lifetime.